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Everyone has the right to education and higher education shall be equally accessible to all on the basis of merit (Universal declaration of Human rights, 1948). We all do agree that compulsory school education up to Grade X will improve social fabric of the society and ensuring relevant technology based quality higher education will improve our economy and bring prosperity to the society. Both the jobs are challenging and we must focus ourselves to achieve some encouraging results. HEC is doing lot of thinking work and their Education Managers could manage to get over the initial teething problems in-spite of all the criticism. Now with the fine tuning at HEC we can be sure of good results in the next decade or so provided our Financial managers could provide them necessary funds. School Education requires our attention, may be we need School Education Commission where the education managers can think about the solutions to the real problems and take our provinces on board for doing something since Pakistan is finding hard to prosper because of lack of attention towards under 15 which is nearly 40% of the population (roughly 64 million) and adult literacy program. Nearly 50 million Pakistanis (half the country's adult population) cannot read. Only 60% of Pakistani children complete 10 years of school and only 10% complete 12 years. World Bank Survey Report of 2006 says Pakistan is spending less than 2% of GDP on education whereas other countries of South Asia spending 3.6% of their GDP. According to the Survey Pakistan has 20 million kids between 5-9 and 50% of these kids i.e. roughly 10 million do not go to school. Ten million kids between 5-9 who go to school, roughly 45% of them leave elementary/ primary education because according to an estimate, 6000 schools are without building and thousands are without basic amenities, like water, electricity, gas, 30% leave in middle education, 28% leave in secondary education and 38% leave in intermediate making the highest drop-out. Only 3% could reach higher education. The big chunk of our kids are passing through Government Schools where the situation is not satisfactory due to multitude of reasons either there was no building or no teacher. For quality education, the selection and training of teachers for primary and high schools is very critical in achieving our total objective. Head of each Government School must focus on teachers training, teachers performance in the classroom, parent-teacher meeting to create an interactive society and finally the provision of teaching kits (TLM's) will create better environment for teacher as well as student. Educational kits developed by NEEC helps in strengthening the concepts in science and mathematics during early years of education. NEEC has bigger challenges and opportunities to grow and play a leading role in the science education of our children across Pakistan.

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