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NEEC is striving to develop scientific thinking amongst school going children.


NEEC commits itself to a path of excellence connected with learning and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in Science and Mathematics Education from Primary to Middle upto High and Higher Secondary level to all who wish to strive in this direction without regard for race, class or origin, caste, creed or faith and guarantees to provide equal opportunities without fear or favour, and endeavors to protect the liberties of an open academic environment.


The National Educational Equipment Center (NEEC) was established as The West Pakistan Educational Equipment Technical Assistance Center (WEETAC) under the administrative control of ther West Pakistan Board of Technical Education in 1964. In pursuance of Education Policy 1972 - 80, the administrative control of the WEETAC, Lahore was taken over by the Federal Government, Ministry of Education on April 15, 1975 through a resolution and its name was changed as National Educational Equipment Center, Lahore. Then, it was decided that the center will be run by an Autonomous Board of Governors chaired by the Secretary Education. National Educational Equipment Center, Lahore was declared as subordinate office of the Ministry of Education. The center consists of a modest workshop equipped with modern machinery, laboratories, quality control section, Design / drawing section, warehouses and otrher ancillary services. The main objective of this center is is to develop teaching aids and to meet the increased demand of educational equipments at National level. This center prepares prototypes, standard lists of equipments in accordance with the new syllabus and curiculla, prepares the manuals and also imparts training to science teachers about the use and maintenance of science equipment. Functions assigned to this center through Resolution are as under :- To introduce through prototypes, new designs in scientific equipments, apparatus & laboratory glasswares. To provide advisory, design & training services to equipment menufactures to improve their skills and understanding of the needs. To provide quality testing, control & price standardization services. To produce standard lists of equipment & apparatus with specifications etc, in accordance with the new syllabi & curricula. To design and prepare drawings and worksheets for the mass production of science apparatus of all types. To act as a "Clearing House" where the apparatus and instruments are tested, certified standardized and registered before being declared suitable for adoption by industry for mass production. To train the teachers about the use and proper maintenance of science equipments. To act as an agency for the mass production of teaching aids teaching kits from primary to higher secondary levels of education as and when assigned to it.

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